Bug reporting

*Steps To Reproduce*
*Input values* (Company Id, date from, date to, employees/group selections, any other extras selected on page)
*Error Result*
*Expected Result*
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1.    A issue is report to  Support Department
2.    Support checks the reported issue and see if they can resolve / replicate it 
3.    If they can’t resolve / replicate the reported issue it is loaded on Redmine and assigned to Implementers all info and supported documents must be loaded on Redmine the ticket will be in a Logged by Support Status
4.    Implementers will check the issue and see if they can resolve / replicate it   (Setting change, Setup issue ect) the Status of the ticket must be set to Unapproved when the issue is being verified 
5.    If it is found to be a bug on the live system ( the issue must then be check / verified on the current Dev System (e.g. dev.r11) 
6.    The steps that were followed and results must then be updated on the ticket and assigned to Developers and the Status update to Approved 
7.    Developers will check the issue on the Dev System if the reported issue is found to be a bug the fix will be applied on the Developers Virtual machine (Developer environment). Developers will only attend to Approved tickets 
8.    Dev. will test fix on developers virtual machine
9.    The fix will then be committed to the Dev System
10.    Developers will test applied fix on dev. site
11.    The ticket will be updated with the results of the fix and assigned back to Implementers to verify the Status of the ticket will be Dev finished, testing needed 
12.    When the ticket is set to pending release and the Release goes live all issue must then be check on the Live system 

New Client Request

Differentiate between BUG and ENHANCEMENT

  • BUG-- A software bug is an error, flaw, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways
  • ENHANCEMENT -- In an information technology product, an enhancement is a noteworthy improvement to the product as part of a new version of it
Version Information
  • In the header bar, there are 4 pieces of information
  • ersbio_rX - The current major release version, often referred to by rX
  • trunk/date - trunk is an ever changing development stream, where a date means its a tagged, stable release
  • Rev xxx - The development revision
  • Last Updated - The last time the website was updated from the software repository
  • Dev sites update every 15 minutes